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Want to know more? Let’s meet some of the characters:

Sebastian Olmec: the self-appointed leader of the Evergreens, he’s used his immortality to gain power and influence across the world. 198 years after the eradication of the Great Disease, he’s practically unstoppable and there is no limit to his ambition.

Anastasia Olmec: the beautiful yet fragile wife of Sebastian Olmec. She’s got a kind heart but it is also plagued by a disease that no doctor has yet been able to cure.

Oliver Liška: another Evergreen, currently living in England and trying to blend in and feel accepted in a world of mortals, trying to move on and forget the regrets of his lengthy past.

Nejc Kapič: a Slovenian Evergreen. Nejc would love nothing more than to simply be left alone to live his life, but he is constantly reminded he cannot escape his duties as an Evergreen by the persistent orders of Olmec.

Karina Madsen: another Evergreen, the ex-girlfriend of Nejc. She has spent lifetimes simply trying to recapture a feeling of normality after losing her husband and children to the Great Disease nearly 200 years ago.

Rusalka: a cold contract killer hired by Olmec to do his dirty work. She doesn’t care what the job is, so long as she gets paid on time.

Dr. Colt Woodford: the lead scientist in Minister Olmec’s employ, desperately attempting to find a cure for Anastasia’s ailment.

Dane Jorgenson: Olmec’s loyal personal assistant, frequently on the verge of a nervous breakdown.


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